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The new kid on the kitesurfing block, Eleveight kites have been born out of a true passion for kiteboarding. With arguably the most experienced design team in the World at the heart of this new force in kitesurfing. Eleveight is driven to produce the finest quality kites on the market. With innovative new designs and industry leading approach to construction and material selection, they are a brand that has gained instant attention. Eleveight kites have 3 kites to choose from in their line up, the new FS is the Freestlye Kite; big loops, boosting, un-hooked performance is what the FS kite is dedicated to. The RS kite is the go to model all round kite that will meet the demand of 90% of kiteboarders thanks to its superb predictable handling, depower and boosting ability. The WS kite is the wave kite of the line up and it has stable drift, heaps of lift and class leading upwind ability. To learn more about Eleveight kiteboarding and to arrange your demonstration of these World class kite call or email us.